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June 2, 2011

1 Litre Of Tears OST – Only Human

Movie name: 1 Litre Of Tears (JAPANESE DRAMA)
Song name: Only Human by K
(lyrics and video credits to barsacrai )


Kanashimi no mukou kishi ni
Hohoemi ga aru to iu yo

Kanashimi no mukou kishi ni
Hohoemi ga aru to iu yo
Tador it tsuku sono saki ni wa
Nani ga bokura wo matteru?

Nigeru tame ja naku yume ou tame ni
Tabi ni deta hazusa to oi natsu no ano hi

Ashita sae mieta nara tame iki mo nai kedo
Nagare ni sakarau fune no you ni
Ima wa mae he susume

Kurushimi no tsukita basho ni
Shiawase ga matsu to iu yo
Boku wa mada sagashite iru
Kisetsu hazure no himawari

Kobushi nigirishime asahi wo mateba
Akai tsume ato ni namida kirari ochiru

Kodoku ni mo nareta nara
Tsuki akari tayori ni
Hane naki tsubasa de tobi tatou
Motto mae he susume

Amagumo ga kireta nara
Nureta michi kagayaku
Yami dake ga oshiete kureru
Tsuyoi tsuyoi hikari
Tsuyoku mae he susume


It’s said that there is a smile
On the opposite side of sadness

It’s said that there is a smile
On the opposite side of sadness
Up ahead from where I’m going to arrive at
Just what is it that’s waiting for me?

I should have set off, not to run away
But to chase my dreams, back on that far off summer day

If I could have even seen what tomorrow would be like, I wouldn’t have been able to breathe
So now I move forward
In order to go against the current, like a boat

It’s said that happiness waits
In places that have been consumed by sadness
I’m still searching for
A sunflower at the end of the season

If I clench my fists, and wait for the morning sun to come
After my finger nails became bloody, my tears would fall

If I’ve grown used to being lonely
By the moonlight
I’ll fly away with my featherless wings
I’ll move furthur on ahead

If a rain cloud bursts
Then the wet road will sparkle
That’s what the darkness tells me
The strong, strong light
I’ll move forward, and be strong

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